1. A Happy Story 2. The Fall of Modern Thought 3. Beryllium Crisis

4. A little uneasy 5. Sheep of sad fate 6. Beehive 7. Mesoria a Larkara

8. A Zen Horizon 9. Trilobeth 10. To a Somber Place

11. Subconscience Function 12. Torn Again





A Happy Story



Your well behaved,

white teeth

Safe with the corporate belief

you eat your food

you go to church and I dont think your ever rude

youv'e got your job and your well employed

and your never paranoid

its a happy fucking story

Got your happy blode haired wife

Yes thats where the futures at

same old , dog and a cat

Yes thats where the futures at

happy healthy clean and free

planning for your future life

saving for a holiday

youll go out and vote today

wife wants to be a dancer

but doctor sys shes dying of cancer

and says youve got a lump on your brain

now you lost your job cause your bowels dont work

you shit your pants and feel like a jerk

teeth have fallen out and you got weird spots

but youll be okay cause your insurance covers chemotherapy

Fluoride is good for you

Everything they say is true

Fluoride is good for you


The Fall of Modern Thought

by Sokaris


A spiral uninterrupted

Fusing itself piece by piece

Into the nadir of its descent

A mind unwound

Deafened by words and blinded by thoughts


Sensory overload

Partitioned betwixt madnesses

Shedding itself of itself

An annihilation of awareness

Save for the awareness

Of annihilation

Past repose, Senses overload

A negative space laboratory

Organ chemical plant

Dispensing poison to oil the machine

Psychosis or neurosis

Somatic and erratic

Occurrence obscene

Recurrence: a chronic disease

Therapeutic delusion

Intensive care failure

Treatment obsolete

A terminal case closed

Beryllium Crisis

And beyond....

Between the highs and the lows

in this night

this consciousness, its a black consciousness

i have a desire

i draw near to one of them

partly the absence of stone

my only thought was for what was

sick of the site of it

what you gonna see

i seek this perfection this absence

its though i were at a second threshold

yes the obvious.


A little uneasy

thorns run through embitterd places

and comatose spiders call forth again

they dont like any of these creatures

dehydrated laughs inside and crumbles like twilight

and then the master kiwi bird

and comatose spiders call forth

now i have to cling to tainted whitewash dreams

in a world where nothing is what it seems

but now we see what is behind the scenes

different patterns on every wall

they rotate through the seven webs

Glypto and Kanka incurable coppelturner

the more they consider the more they blow up sheep



Sheep of Sad Fate



Razor sharp barbs of integrity and hate

Honed in for your docile brain

Part of the farm, Sheep of sad fate

Wake-up call, A jolt of hard pain

Cut from the set,Your system rejects

This violence,On high gain

Lasting impact,of a cultural eject

neurons frenzy, in a dance insane

spiraling thoughts, dementia certain

as the future, and past collide

circling down, final curtains

a pressure bomb, building inside

this annihilation, self-devastation

till your mind has,electronically died

In a transient state, O beast of fate

Now thinking, Righteous suicide




you are under cerebral mutilation

and is there anybody near me

is there anybody left alive

am i the only human in this robotic filled beehive

i think its a robotic beehive

i think i am the only human left

i think i think no one can talk

i think i am the only human left

beehive... anybody left alive



Mesoria a Lanarka

by Sokaris


Through bursts of harsh violence and hatred extreme,

The rupture of of frail skin as down the blood streams,

Past pupil dialated and mouth drawn agape,

A scream from the dying, the murdered and raped.

The post-mortem rites performed with intent,

No pause for concern, no guilt or repent.

Dismembered and torn to the sadist's demand,

He molds her like clay with hacksaw in hand.

The limbs exit now from the slash of the blade,

Bisecting through wrists and ankles with haste.

The fingers hors d'oeuvres, exquisite to peel,

The torso his canvas, his brush stainless steel.

On mantles displayed endless horrific art,

Delicately rendered, conjoined or apart.

With infinite subjects and moribund dreams,

The sadist continues his hatred extreme.



A Zen Horizon

by Sokaris

A liquid nightmare
Too poisonous to taste
A backwards cycle of inversion
Obstructing visions
Too atrocious to bear
Self-lobotomized confusion

Committing horrorcide
Destroying the dreams that plague this mind
Sharp colors, so bright
Like sight anew, bestowed upon the blind

A metal solution
Too simple for mistakes
A forward plunge into madness
Creating visions
With deeper driven nails
Through this pain towards redemption

Part this mantle of bone
A hammer-driven crown of thorns
Kindling greater senses
Impaling memories (I am reborn)



A complexity born but not realized, the one i never had,

as pain seeps through my skeleton, unleashing a desire to be reborn,

and this time keep my mind,

How do you repair something so broken, in pieces,

the very fabric of existance,

all alone, you are me, as, i am you,

it is clear to me we have no place,

impenatrable, a hidden genocide of the new order

just biding nothing in particular to do

trying to ignore what all the other people around you do

to come to life againin a moment of clarity

hunted by... trying



To a Somber Place


Subconscience function

i am a head of the dead, in your head of this kind

this beat of the flood, the beat in your blood

im afraid of the dead ,im ahead of the dead

giving me a mindbake, beat of the fears

beat off the pain,beat of the sun

beat off the gun, beat off the fears

of the dead in your head, dead beat


Torn Again

what was that reality about, perpetually alone,

stuck in viscious cycles of addiction and dealing with the confusion of psychosis,

and eroding braincells with constant insomnia,

never being able to get up and deal with reality, so reality just stabbed back.

So what would make somone want to continue this exsistance.

Alas now its all irelavant, simply things were how they were,

and now its just death, oh if only you could help me,